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A particularly powerful double astral event …

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On May 4, 2022, at 5:57 pm, CET, Mars will enter in sextile with Uranus. The next day, May 5 at 9.22 am, it will be Sun’s turn to enter in conjunction with Uranus. This double event, particularly powerful, will produce its effects until May 8.

Return to the essential

So what can we expect? Since entering Taurus in March 2019, Uranus is not at ease. In, effect planet of freedom, linked to the air element, it finds itself slowed down, hindered in the fixed and earth sign of Taurus. Thus, due to this, we may collectively feel limited in our freedom to act, even to think. Some of us may also feel like we are being dragged by an excessive materialism, one needs a grip on the financial issue. The good news is that Mars in the water sign of Pisces will help us treat things in a more detached manner. It will help us work on ourselves, in order to go towards the essential, towards what is most sacred and spiritual in our hearts. We will be much less attached to material goods, to money, and we will be more willing to share with those who are less fortunate. This will be reinforced by the conjunction of the Sun to Uranus, which will give us the willpower to transform our lives and adopt a positive attitude, to affirm more who we are and how we wish to give meaning to our existence.

The most concerned signs

Taurus and Pisces natives will benefit the most from this double astral event. The former will be more inclined than usual to accept the changes that will occur in their lives, especially on the professional level, and will take things with more indifference. The latter will be more generous in helping a loved one in need. However, be careful not to put yourself in financial difficulty. Cancers who are struggling with debts should take advantage of this sextile and conjunction to ask their banker for a loan repayment plan or even a loan buy-back, as he will be more receptive than usual. Finally, Capricorns could, through a phone call or a lucky meeting, find the way to reconciliation with a past love. You will be willing to forget the past and start afresh.

Fighting inflation and the pandemic

On the global level, we have already seen that Uranus, under pressure in the sign of Taurus, was a privileged actor of the financial and economic crisis that the world is going through since 2019. The sextile of Mars in Pisces followed by the Sun-Uranus in conjunction could indicate an international willingness, to limit the damage on the poorest, notably by negotiating the price of hydrocarbons astrologically ruled by Pisces. It is likely that governments will take strong decisions in this direction. This same configuration could also bring about actions aimed at restoring peace, notably between the belligerent countries and thus cushion the economic impact of the war. We find this dynamic for France, when we study the theme of the 5th republic. We can see that Uranus, ruler of the 12th house (trials) is in sextile to Mars, ruler of the 1st (government) in the 12th house. Also, the Sun, natural significator of the Head of State, is also the ruler of the 6th house (the world of employment, but also of public health). It is therefore reasonable to expect new governmental measures aimed at safeguarding the purchasing power of the French people through a labor reform. It is also possible that new measures will be dedicated to the fight against the pandemic or to help businesses that have suffered the consequences.

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