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Taking the lead all summer long, Venus in Leo will warm hearts and passions, being ardent, generous, demanding, possessive, naughty and egocentric all at once. Jupiter in Taurus will have its say in bringing projects to fruition, especially as it will form a sextile to Saturn, helping to consolidate ambitions. Depending on your sign, you’ll benefit from these planetary influences in one area or another.

Aries, if love isn’t waiting for you, you’ll go looking for it and you’ll find it. You’ll always keep a close eye on your finances and look to swell your bank account with fruitful actions.

Taurus, all will be well in the best of worlds if jealousy doesn’t intrude on your daily life. As for the rest, you’ll take it easy, enjoying festive moments with family and friends.

Gemini, you’ll be on all fronts, with projects in the pipeline, and you’ll be activating your networks with some success. Your love life will make your head spin, but not to the point of forgetting your buddies to share some wonderful celebrations.

Cancer, you’ll opt for security above all else, whether in love, at work or under the table. You’ll be a champion on this subject, as your sign knows by heart the recipes for protecting yourself from any bad weather.

Leo, this summer will be turbulent for your sign, oscillating between the need to find a new, more creative path for your ambitions and the need to maintain material security. Your love life will be flamboyant and unpredictable.

Virgo, in your heart of hearts, you won’t be committing yourself lightly, and you’ll be asking for proof of stability and a vision of the future. More confident on the money and professional fronts, you’ll be able to position your pawns skilfully for the autumn.

Libra, « que je t’aime » will be your summer serenade, and you’ll use all your charms to hum this chorus as a duet. There’s no question of forgetting yourself in the process, and you’ll know how to put yourself forward to win the day.

Scorpio, you can’t take any more romantic challenges or complications. Passion, yes, but only if it’s accompanied by genuine complicity on life’s important issues.

Sagittarius, by dreaming of pushing your goals too far, you’ll sign the end of the journey before it’s time to leave. You’ll need to find the right tempo to balance your love life and secure your financial future.

Capricorn, fire and passion in your love life, concrete projects on both the business and personal fronts, what more could you ask for this summer? You’ll be so fulfilled that you’ll be able to overcome difficulties with dexterity.

Aquarius, it won’t be easy with this upheaval in your love affairs. This renewal will be a sign that you need to find a balance if you want to rise to the challenge. Your professional stability will ensure your material comfort.

Pisces, compassion and benevolence will always be your leitmotiv. This summer, you’ll put these fine qualities to work for you and use them on your CV to succeed in a human-scale project close to your heart.

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