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A difficult period begins with Pluto retrograde!

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From April 29, 2022, Pluto will become retrograde, i.e. it will appear to move backwards in the sky instead of forward. This phenomenon is explained by a difference in speed between the star concerned and the Earth, which then overtakes it, giving the optical illusion that this star is moving backwards. It will become direct again on October 9, 2022. During this retrograde, Pluto, the slowest planet in the solar system, will remain in the sign of Capricorn.

Deep questioning 

This star represents deep and sometimes difficult changes, the phases where we must let what must disappear to be able to welcome the renewal. Capricorn, on the other hand, represents the weight of tradition, the established social and cultural structures. By retrograding in this sign, Pluto will bring us face to face with our contradictions, our doubts. What seemed to be taken for granted, secure, could be questioned again by putting us face to face with people, unpleasant situations, that we thought we had overcome, but that will come back to us, a way for the universe to put us to the test, and help us to know ourselves better.

A difficult change

At the world level, this retrograde will rekindle the process of transformation of our states and our economy by provoking social tensions and oppositions. The international situation will be very unstable and we will witness a struggle, at least ideologically, between the forces of change and the conservative forces. Pluto being linked, since 2020, to the outbreak of Covid 19, it would not be impossible that the latter comes back to the forefront, especially in France, causing unpopular measures.

May 2022: putting people back at the center

During its long retrograde, Pluto will form several interesting aspects. Thus, in May, it will enter in sextile to Jupiter on the 3rd, then to Mars on the 22nd. We will then be in a dynamic of rather positive changes, aiming at putting human relationships back at the center of the equation and seeking true happiness, consisting in being in harmony with oneself, others and the whole universe rather than focusing on material and financial success. These two aspects will particularly affect Capricorns and Taureans who will open up, albeit with difficulty, to a more spiritual view of the world, as well as Pisceans who will strive to do less daydreaming, but to do everything possible to make their ideas and projects a reality. Cancers will learn to put water in their wine, especially in their romantic or marital relationships. Scorpios, in a similar way, will be more inclined to let go of grudges and pick up the pieces with an ex or a child with whom they had a falling out. On a global level, this sextile to the Sun, and especially that of Jupiter, will help accentuate the societal changes initiated by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of April 12 for a better distribution of wealth and greater solidarity for those in the West or elsewhere who are suffering or in need. The values of brotherhood and love will tend to take over from the quest for power and money, even if some resistance may be felt from certain Status Quo supporters.

July 2022: a sensitivity on the edge

The second important phase of Pluto’s retrograde will take place in the summer with several oppositions: to Mars on July 2, to Mercury on the 18th, to the Sun on the 20th, and finally to Venus which will close the loop on August 9. On a personal level, this series of oppositions will exacerbate our emotions. We will be prone to sudden mood swings and will start out in a huff. Some may also be prone to fears, irrational anxieties. In love, they could provoke a certain indecision or awaken old demons that could call into question the stability of the couple. This will especially be the case for Cancer and Capricorn natives who could, during this period, go through a sentimental or marital crisis. Aries and Libra could face professional turbulence in the form of conflicts with their employer or co-workers. The former could react very impulsively, which could aggravate the situation, while the latter, less inclined to aggressiveness, will feel particularly affected psychologically to the point of questioning the relevance of their professional choices.

An angry people

On a global level, with Cancer representing the people and Capricorn the ruling elites, there is every reason to believe that the above-mentioned oppositions will provoke social uprisings everywhere, strong protests against a certain backwardness of policies, notably with regard to restrictions of freedom or a certain neo-conservatism. In France, the government’s plans could be hindered by demonstrations in which young people, but also representatives of the leisure and entertainment industries, as well as of the transport sector, will play an important part. The improvement of purchasing power, especially in this vacation period when the French spend a lot on fuel and entertainment, will be one of the main demands.

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