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A comet that passes only every 50,000 years will be observable from Earth

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This year, between January 31 and February 1, we will be able, weather permitting, to see a comet with the naked eye. As a reminder, a comet is a celestial body composed essentially of ice and dust which, as it approaches the sun, literally melts, leaving behind a luminous trail of several thousand kilometers, the famous comet tail. The one we are interested in, recently discovered by astronomers, hence its name C 2022/E3, has already visited us 50 000 years ago when humanity was still in the Paleolithic period. It is currently approaching the Sun and will pass very close to the Earth (43 million km) between January 31 and February 1. To see it, you will have to direct your gaze towards the North, in the direction of the Pole Star.

A special astrological event

Since time immemorial, comets have fascinated mankind and in the past, their arrival was considered to be a harbinger of great misfortune or calamity (war, epidemics, etc.). If, by the principle of analogy, the arrival of a new celestial body in the sky has a meaning in astrology, it is undoubtedly necessary to put its importance into perspective. The Pole Star is still called Ursus Minor, because it is located in the constellation of the Little Dipper which itself, on the ecliptic, overlaps the sign of Gemini. The latter is related to intellect, commerce, transport, media and communication. It is therefore likely that his arrival could coincide with upheavals in these areas, revolutionizing our modes of communication, travel, bringing new ways of exchanging goods and services at the global level. The press and other media could also find themselves in turmoil following an unexpected event. Note that the Moon, which often manifests concretely what is prefigured by the other stars, will cross the sign of Gemini on January 31.

Signs in the spotlight

On an individual level, the passage of comet C2022/E3 will have little impact except for Gemini who will benefit from a big spotlight, and Sagittarians who could see their married life upset. To a lesser degree, Pisces may experience some family changes (arrival of a child or even twins) and Virgos may encounter some professional difficulties. For Aquarians, the hairy star could herald an important love encounter and an unexpected job opportunity for Leos.

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