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A combination of love and passion

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If you were to observe the summer sky towards the West on 12thof July, right after the sunset, you may come across a wonderful spectacle: Venus, also known as the evening star, the brightest star of the sky, and Mars the red planet, get together and give the impression of touching each other. This will be accompanied with a beautiful lunar crescent. The next day on 13thof July at 3:34 pm CET, there will be an exact conjunction between these two stars in the passionate sign of Leo.

Love between romanticism and fiery eroticism

Venus is the planet of love, romanticism and thrilling feelings while Mars represents passion, attraction, and sexual intensity. There is every reason to believe that this conjunction shall definitely trigger the sex drive, our desire and revive the fiery passion with couples, which seemed to have been lethargic. Moreover, Venus combined with Mars shall favor intense romantic encounters for singletons. This configuration will boost epicureans, encourage us to make the most of all pleasures in life.

Festive Leos…and others

This won’t be any surprise, but Leos are going to be the big winners of this conjunction, which shall increase their personal magnetism and endow them with charm and a seduction power, that is absolutely irresistible. Their parental authority will be strengthened as well. Libras will be highlighted within their friend circle, turning them into the center of attraction of the group. For Sagittarians, their aura will be intensified within their professional realm. They’ll attract benevolent attraction from their superiors. As for Aries, they’ll experience a fiery love life, thrills, goosebumps, something they haven’t felt in a very long time, and it’ll be time to make up for broken hearts. This will also be a good time to have a baby as their fertility will be at its peak. Other signs won’t experience this conjunction so well. This will be the case for Aquarius and their couple life is going to be conflictual. As for Scorpions, there will be an issue within their working relations while for Taurians, family and clashes are going to be an issue for them.

Back to Sweet Life?

Globally speaking, this conjunction could coincide with pacifying tensions globally speaking and favor agreement. Arts, creativity but sports will be highlighted. This astral event will also correspond to a general liberation of constraints related to COVID. The sweetness of life, leisure and other festivities could once again be given free reign. France could be specifically favored by this conjunction and its imposing presence may gain momentum. It could be the frontrunner in terms of managing the health crisis. New positive measures could favor employment but also police and internal security.

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