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Sun 27o Capricorn,

Moon 1o Pisces,

Mercury 5o Capricorn,

Venus1o Pisces,

Mars 4o Aquarius,

Sun in Capricorn:

Michelle is a quiet person with a strong will and a lot of determination. She might be shy as she is discrete and humble. Reliable and steady, she can be stubborn at times. She doesn’t like surprises and likes to be in control. Discreet, she won’t display emotions and will keep her feelings to herself. Caring and loyal, she is serious and quite responsible. Her apparent coldness hides a thoughtful person, very devoted to her family.

Moon in Pisces:

Michelle’s sensitivity is very sharp and her imagination quite vivid. Her intuition is strong but she might refuse to take her premonitions into consideration. Gentle and compassionate, she can dedicate herself to others. She is nevertheless a dreamer and she can face severe disillusions.

Mercury in Capricorn:

Michelle needs time to think and analyze, her thoughts are profound and serious. She wouldn’t take a decision without being sure of the facts. She is grounded, cold, calculating and practical. She talks only when necessary and is very cautious. She isn’t a risk-taker but someone you can really rely on!

Venus in Pisces:

Michelle needs a solid partner who brings a certain dose of security and some dreams. She needs to feel a strong complicity, a real connection with him and could sacrifice her plans for his. When she loves, she can give everything to make it work. Avoiding dependency can be her challenge.

Mars in Aquarius:

Michelle is energetic and she can bring some energy in her team work. But she needs some freedom in expressing her inventive and revolutionary ideas. Independence is important if she works on a project as she wants to highlight her uniqueness. Being her own boss might be the best solution!

Moon Venus conjunction in Pisces shows that Love is her “mantra”. Feelings and emotions work hand in hand.

Sun Mars conjunction will add some energy and some excitement to the serious Capricorn Sun.

Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo could bring some unexpected health problems with a change in habits and life style.

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