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Kate Middleton

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Sun 19o Capricorn in 5/6,

Moon 19o Cancer in 11/12,

Ascendant 20o Leo,

Mercury in Aquarius in 6,

Venus in Aquarius in 6,

Mars in Libra in 3,

Sun in Capricorn in 5/6:

Kate is a strong-willed person with a lot of patience and determination. She is discreet but she is thoughtful and very caring. She is usually reserved and unemotional but quite reliable. She can be stubborn and selfish but she will dedicate herself to her family. Calculating and perfectionist, with long term ambition, she is disciplined and goal orientated.  She might be slow but she is a hard worker. Doesn’t like to be the center of attention, would prefer to have the second role.

Moon in Cancer in 11/12:

We can expect some anxiety as Kate worries for her family and loved ones. Very emotional, she is intuitive and can sense people and atmospheres straight away. Very sensitive, her emotions are intense but she will keep them secret. She can be moody at times and cries easily. Her home is important, she will protect it fiercely.

Ascendant in Leo: 

Kate is self-assured, proud and charismatic. Usually brilliant in society, she still appreciates some “time off” and solitude to recharge her batteries. Even though she can be self-centered, she is generous, friendly and protective with her loved ones. She can be bossy and directive at work but she is honest and therefore, respected.

Mercury in Aquarius in 6:

Kate is future orientated. She thinks outside the box and can prove to be very useful to her team. She is a free thinker, she likes technology and could work with computers. She can dedicate her life to a cause as she feels concerned about the planet and the humanity.

Venus in Aquarius in 6:

Love could take the back seat as Kate will be very busy with daily chores and responsibilities. More cerebral than passionate, she might lose energy in doing too much for the outside world. Needs to communicate on every level with her partner. Needs to feel loved and appreciated.

Mars in Libra in 3:

Kate needs harmony and balance in her life. She hates conflicts but injustice seems even more unbearable. She will dedicate time and energy and could even travel for helping the ones in need. She isn’t a risk-taking person and she isn’t going to look for trouble. Moderation could be her favorite “mantra”!

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