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July 2019


With dissonant Mercury and Mars, your job won't be a picnic. Tensions might lead to a conflictual situation. Hierarchy, colleagues, there could be many reasons. One is jealous of your talent and envies your notoriety. Eventually, one makes you pay for it! Luckily, happiness for everyone in terms of love life. Venus brings along sweetness and warmth in your exchanges. Enough to bring you comfort during stressful days at work.


This sector is the most sensitive area this month...Mars/Mercury squares and the opposition from Uranus don't herald anything good. Tensions could lead to major conflict and this shall force you to defend yourself, as you'll feel attacked. Jealousy will be expressed towards you. Your tasks or choices shall be systematically discussed, questioning your skills and your authority in the profession. However, Saturn and Pluto give you the hindsight you require, so that you don't get involved in an endless affair.


Venus strengthens family ties, in couple, with children. A wonderful month when it comes to feelings. You'll feel confident again and you'll appreciate the efforts your loved ones make so that you forget your work issues. Physically and intellectually, there shall be harmony. Only the first decan shall experience a tough month, due to the Mars/Mercury/Uranus opposition. But things will fall into place! Singleton, an extremely pleasant encounter awaits you!


The least one can say is that you'll have business sense. However, you'll need to be very careful. Opposition leads one to believe that one might try to scam you. You'll be good at avoiding troublesome situations. But the risk does exist. On one hand, stars guarantee promising money inflow. On the other hand, it'll be difficult to get back what one owes you. There is no reason to panic but don't think you're protected. Remain careful!

Key dates

Week from the 1st until the 7th: 4th onward, Venus takes care of your love life. Express your emotions, let your heart do the talking...
Week from the 8th until the 14th: on the 11th, you'll be very secretive, even completely shut...Don't isolate yourself!
Week from the 15th until the 21st: on the 18th, if you need to get back your money, you'll need to be firm...
Week from the 22nd until the 31st: on the 29th, ties strengthen in family!


Useless to focus on things which don't work or negative people. This isn't how you'll progress. You should rather focus on positive people, the ones who bring you knowledge, affection, friendship in terms of the actions you initiate and which led to satisfying results. You'll encourage yourself to continue, regardless of what happens towards and against everything. Bad vibes won't get the better of you!


You're in satisfying shape. Sun in Cancer is good for you and gives you the desire to travel. You want a change of scene to feel better. Don't hesitate to go away, even for a weekend to take your mind off things. Mars's square is asking you to be careful, if you do sports or are exposed to the Sun. You might be tempted to surpass your limits to respond to your taste for risks. Bad idea!

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