Cancer Monthly Horoscope - 2021-05-08 - Daily Horoscope
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Cancer Monthly Horoscope


- May 2021 -

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zodiac sign Cancer
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mars in your sight strengthens your character. You feel stronger, ready to fight if you come across issues. Uranus makes you more reactive, shrewd and Jupiter enters in the Pisces sign, becomes a major ally! It intensifies your desire to live and make the most of every moment. Until the 9th, Venus maintains a pleasant atmosphere in your love life. Then in the shadow, it'll ask you to dwell over the right questions...

  • Your love life

    Until the 9th, Venus continues to favor your love life. Make the most of this! It'll then be in the sector of assessment and requires you to ask the right questions on how you feel and genuine feelings...You deeply reflect through your mind and heart. Have you made the right choice? Are you making a mistake? You'll take a step back in terms of your situation and help out an association, you seem to have empathy for.

  • Your career

    Mars, Jupiter and Uranus pass on their fighting spirit! Extremely motivated, determined, you feel ready to confront all sorts of issues you come across. You're energetic and move forward and settle your business without any qualms. Jupiter gives you a glimpse of new and happy perspectives. Cancer toughens this month in the professional sector, while remaining empathetic and compassionate on the outside!

  • Your finances

    Jupiter's entry in Pisces, buddy sign, is a good omen for your finances. You may receive a job offer or partnership, which has a great chance at generating interesting profits for you. Saturn asks you to be responsible and disciplined, to maximize your benefits. Moreover, its retrograde 23rd onward requires you to mull over the plans, avoid getting carried away. Don't be hasty and reflect!

  • Your wellbeing

    In great shape! You're filled with dynamism intellectually and physically! You handle your usual stress! Trust and self-confidence are major life savers. You feel like sharing your vitality by giving your time and energy to charity work. Jupiter in Pisces encourages you to do so. To preserve your shape, put aside some breaks and don't do chores during these.

  • Your astro-dates

    Week from the 1st until the 9th: on the 7th, your intuition helps you make the right choices in life.
    Week from the 10th until the 16th: on the 16th, you feel like taking care of yourself and look!
    Week from the 17th until the 23rd: on the 22nd, friendship occupies an important place!
    Week from the 24th until the 31st: on the 30th, a little disagreement casts a shadow on your relationship.

  • Our advice

    A positive month for you buddy Cancer, especially if you manage not dwelling over things as Mercury may encourage you to do. Thinking too much or thinking wrong can only ruin your balance. It'll be a pity to shake up this beautiful potential, vested in you physically, morally and intellectually by the stars. As soon as you realize that you're pondering over things, unplug from your daily life and get a breather!

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