Sagittarius Daily Horoscope - 2021-05-08
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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

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- May 8th, 2021 -

zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're very hot-headed and temperamental in the morning, but you should progressively manage to calm yourself down as the day goes on thanks to the help of the Moon/Saturn duo. It doesn't matter if you've been together for weeks or decades, you and your partner can never stay angry at each other for too long! But sleeping in could help you avoid a huge argument...


    Patience is required in this domain. Don't expect anything exciting to happen to you today. Recharging your batteries is your priority for the time being anyway. Play your favorite sport, or treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon nap. You're too tired to go out looking for love right now! Take care of yourself first, the rest will naturally fall into place.

    Sexy tip

    Spicing up your sex life is something you're able to do, right? Cut your nails and explore your partner's body with the tip of your fingers...


    Avoid thinking about what stresses you out in the workplace. You're not going to fix your problems today anyway! Switch your brain off and forget about this complex professional situation of yours. That's what weekends are made for, right?

    Your finances

    You hate wasting your money on things you don't need! You don't like going to the mall, and online shopping isn't your cup of tea... It's very easy to resist temptation when you don't know what temptation looks like!

    Your lucky number




    You're big into fitness, and so are your friends! You love challenging each other in the gym or on the training field. Who's going to run the longest today?


    Your children are slightly out of control? You should manage to calm them down! Going on a long walk outdoors is a great way to tire kids out...

    Your saying

    "Beauty should be even less talked about than happiness." Simone de Beauvoir


    The tensions between the Moon and Mars turn you into an emotional wreck. But Saturn should help you calm down and relax in the afternoon!

    Your color

    If you're a brunette with light eyes, amethyst will intensify your beautiful eyes.

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