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29th November 2020


Your relationship is under threat. With the Venus/Mercury duo in Scorpio square your sign, and the opposition of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus on Venus, you could say some pretty hurtful things to your significant other this Sunday. A breakup cannot be ruled out, my Aquarius friend... Calm yourself down before it's too late!

This isn't the right day to meet new people. Spend this Sunday completely alone if you can. The planets aren't on your side, my single friend. With the Moon in Taurus, in a conjunction with Uranus and opposite Venus/Mercury in Scorpio, you cannot wait to see the back of this month... Finding love has never felt so complicated!


Yet another messy and chaotic day in the workplace. The Uranus/Moon duo in Taurus opposes your initiatives. You must get yourself organized before it's too late! Have a clear plan of action in mind if you want to stop making all the wrong decisions...

Under the strong influxes of Uranus, Mercury, Venus and the Moon in Taurus, be very careful not to start flying too close to the sun as far as your finances are concerned. Stick to a safety first approach in this domain.


See a doctor if your throat doesn't get better. With Uranus, be careful on the road... Take your foot on the gas, literally!


You continue to argue with friends. Under the frustrating influence of the Moon/Uranus trine, they disagree with your views! Ride the storm, you'll make peace tomorrow.

You feel so worried and anxious today! The Moon in Taurus blows your family problems out of proportion. Not the most relaxing day you've ever had.

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Cassidy, Tarologist Numerologist Clairvoyant


Hello this is Cassidy, and I am a tarot reader, numerologist and astrologist, looking to use my gifts to guide you toward a spiritually fulfilling life. If you’re worried about a loved one, are lonely, mourning a relationship or have questions about your career and future stability then I can assist you. I will provide insight with compassion and honesty and will leave you feeling positive about the future to come. Call now to start the healing process.

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Zoe, Tarologist Numerologist Clairvoyant


Zoe is a really great listener and a super gifted psychic! Her responses are extremely detailed and were all so true. It was my first time calling a psychic service and I’m so glad that I did! I had been grieving for my relationship, but she helped me put things into perspective, the future seems brighter.

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Lilly, Astrologist Tarologist Numerologist Clairvoyant


Explore the hidden realmes of love you may not know who you are you truly need to be during your life journey. Through numerology and astrology I can inveil your future and help you stir things up for the better. My gift of forseeing and using my depth readings you may not have to wait as long as you thought to make your life happier.

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