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Cancer Monthly Horoscope


- April 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    An excellent month, both in love and in business! Indeed, the stars in Pisces and Taurus are your most faithful allies. An interesting proposal will make you want to go further in your undertakings. Uranus and Mercury make you ingenious and from the second half of the year, Mars will allow you to evolve through serenity and confidence. In terms of your love life, it's nirvana! Venus, Neptune and Jupiter announce bouquets of love. However, if you are single, don't get carried away!

  • Your love life

    Don't hold back your pleasure! An exceptional astral trio in Pisces guarantees you a very happy love life. As a couple, tenderness and passion will maintain the link. You will feel in perfect harmony with your beloved. As a solo, romantic and sensual person, you will fall in love with someone without asking too many questions. Be careful, however, because although this configuration is very favorable to love, it does not guarantee the seriousness or sincerity of the relationship...

  • Your career

    The Sun and Mercury in the sector at the beginning of the month could present you with an interesting offer that will motivate you to give your best, in order to reap additional gains. Then it will be Mars' turn to make you move forward with confidence and serenity. Your worries will fade away and you will be able to discern your goals more precisely. Uranus boosts your energy and your desire to change your working environment or position. Jupiter allows you to evolve in the best conditions.

  • Your finances

    The financial significators, in good terms with your sign, will encourage your efforts to make your work profitable and to manage your finances with rigor, which will not prevent you from pampering yourself a little. Jupiter will help you strengthen your assets, Mercury will help you to calculate in the most accurate way so that you will not have to find last minute financial solutions. If you are diligent in following the astral recommendations, your situation will be at its best!

  • Your wellbeing

    Thanks to Jupiter, you gain confidence. You relax, your body breathes and your mind lightens. You become aware of your daily happiness, you become one with nature. Practicing a regular sport no longer seems to be something useless or impossible for you. On the contrary, you show great discipline and energy. You bring a spiritual note to your occupations. Your life project is evolving...

  • Your astro-dates

    Week of the 1st to the 10th: On the 8th, the family remains your favorite refuge.
    Week of the 11th to the 17th: On the 14th, beware of smooth talkers!
    Week of the 18 to 24: On the 22nd, a proposal for an association or partnership could head your way.
    Week of 25-30: The 27th, an exceptional day not to be missed in any way!

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