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September 2019


Just like all the signs, this September offers you a month with two sides...The first half will be a little listless...A boring resumption to the month, in a variable shape and dawdling motivation. In short, you'll wait for the second half where you'll resume your energy. This will help you take action when confronted with the many opportunities this September. In terms of your love life, the Mercury/Venus duo will quickly make you forget the gloominess of the beginning of the month. A romantic project is favored!


A torpid start to the month...Boredom, laziness, you'll have some difficulties getting ready. Procrastination has turned into your lifestyle! But 15th onward, everything is back on track. One thinks about you for an important position, you climb up the ladder you deserve. Your skills and sense of communication are precious and acknowledged. Thanks to Mercury/Venus and Jupiter, you forge positive and kind contacts, useful to resist the slackening imposed by Saturn.


Venus in Virgo until the 14th, not much fun for the love life...No desire, even indifference, need for some alone time or a threatening secret relationship, all this doesn't favor balance, which is very important to you. Luckily, on the 15th Venus settles down in your sign! Its duo with Mercury sanctions every hope. A project materializes. Major love! Nirvana leads to opportunities, you're on cloud nine. Singletons, a promising encounter on the agenda...


You won't lack funds but what will you do? Expenses, which are more or less monitored...Pluto keeps a watch on you and won't let anything slip by. It'll be wise not to forget about a bill at the back of your drawer, as when you receive a reminder, you might lack the means to pay for this. You'll be tempted to buy everything around you, Uranus encourages you to indulge in impulsive shopping and Jupiter who manages cash inflow, might do the same. It's your move to keep a control on all this!

Key dates

Week from the 1st until the 8th: on the 3rd, don't commit yourself lightly, you might make a detrimental choice.
Week from the 9th until the 15th: on the 14th, a problem puts you in a delicate spot. You need to choose...
Week from the 16thuntil the 22nd: on the 16th, your love life gets clarified! A project takes shape, together...
Week from the 23rd until the 30th: on the 28th, the new Moon forms in your sign. This means a new beginning for a new cycle!


The first half of the month will make you come across some complications, disturbances or dissatisfaction. Don't focus on them. 15th onward, everything will settle down. You'll see things more clearly. Be patient, use this time to tanker with some projects and take care of yourself. During the second half of the month, you'll need all your energy and resistance, as things will really get moving. There are several opportunities in every sector.


A good first half of the month, well short of your usual means...Mars puts some burden on your energy and encourages you to procrastinate. September gives you a variable mood. But 15th onward, you take things up a notch. Motivated, you want to get a control on your life and mainly your shape. Sports, physical activities, a new look, you resume strength which puts you in a good mood. New interests boost your mind. You're awake!

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