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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- April 15th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Not an easy day for your relationship. The Pluto/sun square puts you in a terrible mood. Some of your reactions could seriously surprise your significant other, and not in a good way! A lot more demanding and less tolerant than usual, you're seriously beginning to doubt your relationship. You could even suffer from the odd panic attack or two today...


    The Sun's aspects towards Mars and Jupiter try to fill you with energy and motivation. But its square with Pluto could convince you that you're never going to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right! You feel particularly insecure and indecisive today. Going out looking for love is just about the last thing on your mind... Probably for the best!

    Sexy tip

    With relaxing or aphrodisiac oils, there's nothing like a good massage! Candles, scented oils, skillful hands... Treat him to an experience he will never forget.


    You're doing pretty well for yourself! Mars in your professional sky, and its perfect sextile with the Sun, should boost your productivity levels. You're even more determined and disciplined than usual! The perfect employee, in other words.

    Your finances

    Under the influence of Jupiter, you could be tempted to bring projects you cannot afford to life today. Be very careful not to start dreaming too big, my Virgo friend! Pluto, meanwhile, could turn you in a bit of an attention-seeker... Which is so unlike you!

    Your lucky number




    Seeing your friends probably wouldn't be a good idea this Thursday. You don't have the strength or energy needed to pretend that you're happy all the time...


    The perfect Sun/Jupiter sextile helps you relax and let your hair down in front of your family. You try to show your loved ones how easygoing you can be...

    Your saying

    « No one is young after 40 but there is no age to stop being irresistible » Coco Chanel


    An emotional rollercoaster of a day! You find not knowing what your mood is going to be like from one minute to the next absolutely exhausting!

    Your color

    Bismarck red-brown will warm up your smile. What a classy color!

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