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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 26th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your routine is little bit chaotic these days. You and your partner are never free at the same time! And you're exhausted when you come home from work in the evening... That's why you two are always fighting! Relax and have a bit of fun together. Treat your other half to an unexpected night out. Look for ways to spice up your sex life before it's too late!


    You're enjoying meeting all kinds of new people these days! You'd love to be in a serious relationship. You cannot stop fantasizing about someone you barely know. You're so attracted to that person! Make sure they're not already taken before asking them out. Are they the right type of lover for you? Go on a first date with them to find out!

    Sexy tip

    Try not to rush to the shower just after... Not very glamorous! Give him a cuddle first! Please don't be too abrupt with your lover...


    Try not to shout at your colleagues. Sure, they're incredibly irritating... But don't get yourself noticed for all the wrong reasons! Someone you work with could spread nasty rumors about you behind your back... Don't give that person the reaction they're looking for!

    Your finances

    You try your best to save up... But that's easier said than done! You'd love to redecorate your home from top to bottom. You could spend a fair bit of cash in the local hardware store. You're such a typical payday millionaire, my Virgo friend!

    Your lucky number




    Keep your distance from one of your friends. You hate being asked about your private life. Stay alone and keep your cards very close to your chest!


    You won't really have the time, or desire, to see any of your relatives this Friday! You're happy to stay away from unnecessary family drama...

    Your saying

    « Discretion is the only virtue of which excess isn't a bad thing » Marcel Jouhandeau


    You could find it really hard to fall asleep tonight. You're far too stressed to get a good night's sleep!

    Your color

    Yellowish-green is THE color of the springtime. Is there anything nicer than a yellow with hints of green?

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