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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 28th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Joyful moments fill up your couple life. You feel good in your spot with your partner. After having gone past several obstacles, your couple is stronger than ever. You think about taking things up a notch in your relationship. You talk about marriage and baby. You head in the same direction, it was time!


    It's been a while since you've been attracted to someone. It's time to take the offensive, you like playing hard to get. Love at first sight and pure passion between you. You're at the beginning of a new love affair along with seduction. You go for it. Your motto? Pleasure before anything else!

    Sexy tip

    A hot bath and sexy massage will perk you right back up! Who needs a bath bomb when your partner is there to keep you entertained?


    You never rest on your laurels! You are more and more ambitious professionally. You have a precise goal in mind and you do your best to achieve it. You surround yourself with the best to make this happen.

    Your finances

    These days, you're banking on the future. You have only one thought in mind: save! You want to ensure a comfortable retirement. You address these questions with a loved one. You listen to the advise you get carefully.

    Your lucky number




    You always find a good excuse to get your friends together. You create a good atmosphere during a party. Laughter in sight.


    Your family is a source of motivation. You surpass yourself with your loved ones. You find the required courage to confront obstacles.

    Your saying

    "Time is the best builder of friendship. It's also its witness and conscience. Friends go their own way, then meet again." Tahar Ben Jelloun


    A day with any trouble and worries? Yes, it's possible. You resume your balance.

    Your color

    A bladder-green outfit will be the ideal thing to wear for a weekend spent walking in the countryside.

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