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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- July 23rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Decisions you make today will have a positive impact on your life tomorrow. This is the perfect day to clean and tidy the house together with your other half. Make your little routine more exciting! You love spending time in each other's company. It's easy to see how much you love your partner and vice versa! But your sex life is disappointing...


    Venus in Gemini continues to unsettle you. You could fall head over heels for someone who lives hundreds of miles away from you! Or could your latest crush already be in a relationship? Nothing is ever simple with you in this domain... Learn how to be patient and don't be afraid to compromise. Try not to start doubting yourself. You find it hard to understand your emotions.

    Sexy tip

    Take the time to thoroughly rediscover his body... Use your hands, rub his skin and whisper sensual word into his ear. Brace yourself for an eventful night!


    You could be asked to work as part of a team. Second-to-none organization skills are required... But with Venus in Gemini, you're more interested in chatting with your colleagues than in working hard! Something one of your superiors could seriously criticize you for.

    Your finances

    Your parents help you make ends meet. You're not financially self-sufficient at the minute! If your car breaks down, can you afford to get it fixed? Probably not! Stop going out all the time. You're currently living beyond your means, my Virgo friend.

    Your lucky number




    You can count your true friends on the fingers of one hand. You rarely talk about your private life. You're a great listener, but you don't like revealing too much about yourself.


    You're incredibly kind and generous. You're always happy to go out of your way to help out those in need. But be careful not to let a relative take advantage of you...

    Your saying

    "Nothing is constant apart from change." Buddha


    Relaxing is your priority. You know how to channel your energy. Running out of gas is out of the question!

    Your color

    Azure blue eye shadow will guarantee you an intense and bright look.

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