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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 10th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your love life is going from strength to strength and you can't get enough of your partner at the moment. They are a constant source of inspiration for you and you'll enjoy bouncing ideas off of each other this afternoon and getting the ball rolling with your joint projects. Luck is shining down on you and you know full well that you've hit the jackpot.


    You're going out of your way to find true love and will no stone unturned in the quest for your soulmate. You may even decide to join a dating website or attend a speed dating evening in order to increase your chances of success. Dear Virgo, you've got the right approach and you're sure to hit the jackpot sooner or later. You won't be single for much longer...

    Sexy tip

    Play various games. The loser will be given a sexy dare! Or write down your fantasies on pieces of paper and place them into a hat. Pick one at random and... You know the rest!


    If you have to head into work this Sunday then Mercury will be on hand to give you some pointers. Time is of the essence at the moment but you're determined to rise to the challenge. Your colleagues are counting on you and you won't let them down.

    Your finances

    Dear Virgo, your logical thinking and tough mindset will certainly work in your favor today. You've done your research when it comes to investments and you're about to reap the fruits of your labor. Success is winging its way to you as we speak!

    Your lucky number




    Your best friend always succeeds in making you think your decisions through carefully. Your brain is in overdrive after a few hours together.


    Dear Virgo, the Sun is turning you into the peacemaker at home today. You're leading by example and your loved ones will soon take a leaf out of your book.

    Your saying

    « A word said isn't like a bird. Once it's gone, there's no way to catch it back » Russian saying


    You've decided to take your foot off the accelerator this Sunday and treat yourself to some downtime. There's no denying you deserve it!

    Your color

    Very trendy, buttercup yellow, a bright and warm color, galvanizes your wardrobe!

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