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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 23rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You can be so annoying at times! You will spend most of this opening day of the week moaning about your partner. You're sick of them ringing you all the time! Can your other half not go five minutes without talking to you? Evidently not! You're not in the mood to pretend that all is well between you two. Put your problems into perspective...


    You're far too demanding for your own good, my Virgo friend. The sooner you realize that you're not perfect yourself the better! You're getting on everybody's nerves in this domain! There's nothing wrong with showing your weaknesses... You're only human after all! The planets could introduce you to someone interesting today...

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try to control yourself in order to last longer in the bedroom? Switch positions when you're about to come: it's such a turn on!


    Don't be afraid to ask around for help on the professional front. Don't rest on your laurels, but look for ways to take your career to the next level instead. Learn new skills and abilities. Don't give up as soon as something takes slightly longer than planned!

    Your finances

    Hard work always pays off, and your finances are a lot healthier than they used to be. You've well and truly learnt from your mistakes in this domain, my Virgo friend. You're done spending money you don't have on things you don't need!

    Your lucky number




    Do you struggle to make new friends? Come on, there's nothing wrong with you! People actually enjoy spending time with you, trust us.


    You're in the mood to plan a little family gathering... Great idea, especially if you've been struggling to see eye to eye with some of your relatives lately!

    Your saying

    « A friendship is the reunion of two similar souls » Alcuin


    You're nervously exhausted. You're far too impatient for your own good! Give relaxation exercises a try in order to calm yourself down.

    Your color

    Crimson red will allow you to forget about gray skies!

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