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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- November 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Something's not right... Today, you and your partner would rather avoid each other than talk about the problems affecting your relationship. But burying your head in the sand has never solved anything, my Virgo friend! Take the time and pluck up the courage to share your current worries with your significant other. It's time to get your union back on the right track!


    You could lose your cool on a couple of occasions. You absolutely cannot stand it when people ask you why you're still single... There's nothing wrong with not being in a relationship at your age! You will be slightly too aggressive for your own good today. Those people were just being curious... They weren't judging you in any way, shape or form!

    Sexy tip

    Expect passionate and intense exchanges. You won't run out of gas! New sexual experiences are what you're looking for today!


    You will be put under an insane amount of pressure in the workplace. There's no way you will manage to complete all your tasks on time! Your working conditions aren't always ideal... And arguments with your colleagues or superiors could be the final straw today!

    Your finances

    You don't like checking your bank balance every five minutes... But you're encouraged to keep a closer eye on your finances today! You're probably a lot closer to your overdraft than you think... Don't play with fire, my Virgo friend!

    Your lucky number




    Your friends aren't always very supportive. They're calling your latest idea stupid! Blame it on the influence of Jupiter...


    Tension is in the air, you're sick of dealing with everyone's problems. You could literally start screaming at your entire family!

    Your saying

    "One is never as happy as when one makes others happy." Abbé Pierre


    Tired, you're considerably slower than usual today. Treat yourself to an afternoon nap if you can.

    Your color

    Here it is, the star of the show! Electric, duck or turquoise, blue takes all fashion shows by storm!

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