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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- June 22nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You don't see getting married as the ultimate goal in this domain... Which could make getting proposed to very awkward, my Virgo friend! Your partner could decide to pop the question today. You love them, but you're afraid to become like every other couple you know once the knot has been tied: boring and predictable!


    Under the negative influxes of Saturn, you will prove incredibly picky, stubborn and selfish in this domain today. Stop making a spectacle of yourself, my Virgo friend! It takes months to build a good reputation for yourself and only seconds to destroy it... Remember to treat people the way you want to be treated. Who do you think you are?

    Sexy tip

    Slowly massage his neck with your smooth and sensual hands... Then take care of his nipples: bite, caress, lick them...


    Shall you stay in your boring but stable job, or try to make a living from one of your passions knowing full well that such a dream could be over before it's even started? Both options have their own pros and cons...

    Your finances

    You could win a bit of money gambling today. But should you cash in your chips, or go for the kill while luck is on your side? If you decide to gamble your winnings, the dissonances of Saturn will ensure that you leave the casino empty-handed...

    Your lucky number




    You really care about who you're seen with. Which is why you will decide to delete out of your life anybody who doesn't deserve to be your friend!


    Saturn will once again point out how much you hate those never-ending family dinners today! You always disappear before dessert is served...

    Your saying

    "Love the truth, but forgive the mistake." Voltaire


    You're so lazy that you could literally fall asleep standing up this Saturday, my Virgo friend...

    Your color

    Dark and shady, walnut brown goes ideally with the warm tone of mahogany. A subtle combination for your eyelids.

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