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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 23rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    With Venus in Taurus, you will be a lot more suspicious, jealous and possessive than usual today. There's something you're seriously worried about. You're tempted to quiz your significant other, but they wouldn't like that at all. Calm down and keep those doubts to yourself. Your partner will put your mind at ease in next to no time!


    Thanks to Mercury in Gemini, you will manage to ask your latest crush serious questions without scaring them away! That person has been hurt in the past too, which is why they're able to understand why you're so worried about being taken advantage of. They're looking for something serious, just like you my Virgo friend...

    Sexy tip

    Play various games. The loser will be given a sexy dare! Or write down your fantasies on pieces of paper and place them into a hat. Pick one at random and... You know the rest!


    You're a lot less confused than you have been lately in this domain. Moving your career forward is your priority today. You're still asking yourself plenty of questions, but at least you now find it possible to identify your long-term professional objectives.

    Your finances

    Don't let your guard down and prepare yourself for a fight today! Life can be so unfair... You work incredibly hard for years only for scammers to rob you off your hard-earned cash before you're able to enjoy it. Don't let them get away with it!

    Your lucky number




    Don't believe everything you're told. Some of your so-called friends are trying to take advantage of your generosity.


    With Mercury in Gemini, you will be incredibly honest... You're only trying to get a reaction out of your brothers and sisters! Come on, go easy on them please.

    Your saying

    « A word said isn't like a bird. Once it's gone, there's no way to catch it back » Russian saying


    Allergic reactions or digestive problems could once again be in the cards today. Your stomach often is your main weakness...

    Your color

    Very trendy, buttercup yellow, a bright and warm color, galvanizes your wardrobe!

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