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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 1st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're upset with how your partner has been treating you lately. Try not to let their behavior affect you too much. You don't mind being ignored, but you cannot stand being taken for a ride! Why do they feel the need to lie to you? You'll decide not to ask your other half any questions, so as not to make things worse between you two than they already are...


    You've had enough of being hurt in this domain! Yes, dating someone new is fun to begin with... But it always ends in tears with you! Your sentimental scars haven't fully healed just yet. Someone you're chatting with online is far too similar to one of your exes. You know exactly what to expect from them... Thanks, but not thanks!

    Sexy tip

    Turn him on by explaining him in details what he's in for tonight! Surprise your other half by asking him to switch roles for a change.


    The presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the background will urge you to learn from your mistakes if you want to move your career forward. Avoid taking bold initiatives and show how reliable you can be instead. Nobody likes working with a daredevil!

    Your finances

    Wonderful surprises and unexpected offers will be on the menu this Wednesday. Fully aware that luck is on your side you will know how to make the most of the financial opportunities coming your way today.

    Your lucky number




    You'd rather laugh and joke around than talk about serious issues with your friends today. You're not really in the mood to discuss your problems...


    You're not in the mood to ask too many questions. Make life easy for yourself by pretending that you believe everything your relatives tell you!

    Your saying

    « It's good to have something for yourself in order to give it away » Paul Claudel


    Running around like a headless chicken will leave you exhausted! Try not to waste all your energy away... Learn how to pace yourself.

    Your color

    Fuchsia magenta will be the ideal color to spice up your skin complexion!

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