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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 26th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You won't make important plans. Moon will prevent you from planning the future, at least concerning your couple. Many of your friends are getting divorced, you'll soon think that the same is going to happen to your couple as well. Your partner is going to try and reassure you on this. But you'll remain extremely skeptical.


    Due to Mercury and its bad vibes, you'll mostly have negative thoughts. With the perspective of forging ties, you'll be scared of becoming an old bachelor or spinster. When you meet someone, which will be the case today, you'll immediately think that it won't work out.

    Sexy tip

    Completely naked, only wearing a pair of high heels... Enough to bring him towards you! Lingerie and sex toys will also grab his attention!


    Buddy Virgo, working is good for health, not working keeps you healthy! Today, don't worry about your health, you'll do everything to preserve it...You'll make it so that your break is as long as possible.

    Your finances

    Buddy Virgo, your money will be well used. As for you, it's turning into a habit and it's a good habit which you should preserve. Your avidity will be all in the past. Cautiousness has replaced the latter...

    Your lucky number




    A friend will introduce you to someone. The latter will remain very vague with his or her activity and past. You'll find this quite fishy...


    You'll refuse that your family members engage in dangerous activities, like bungee jumping. You'll be overprotective!

    Your saying

    « When compared to true happiness, wealth is worth almost nothing » Sophocles


    A little cut on the finger and you'll think you need surgery or even amputation...Get a grip on yourself

    Your color

    Azure blue shoes will make you feel like going on a little adventure, much to your delight.

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