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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Buddy Virgo, as your partner talks about your private life with friends and parents, you'll feel forced to control your desire. By fear of wondering what others might say or being judged, you won't dare to express your fantasies. Today, you'll stick to being the flawless partner, morally speaking...


    Venus might taunt you. Nothing serious, on the contrary! In fact, it'll be extremely impish...You'll push the door of your destiny and test out an evening, among singletons. This could be a fun experience, especially if you're not choosy. This game could last a few hours or a night...not a life!

    Sexy tip

    Never-ending foreplay, here is something you really don't mind! Massage his back before exploring the rest of his body...


    Today, you might be asked to take up an intern under your wing. You'll have the sensitive task of training this person. This will stress you out a little. Eventually, you'll be able to pass on your love for this job.

    Your finances

    To avoid wasting any food, you'll do your grocery shopping only once a week and will stick to the list. This could seem strict but you won't buy indiscriminately anymore...You checked this out and it works!

    Your lucky number




    Criticize your sweetheart or your kids...Impossible! Your friends know this well. Your reaction will be just horrible! Isn't it buddy Virgo?


    Easy going and not resentful, your communication skills will help you disperse all misunderstanding. Time will fly by with you.

    Your saying

    « A mind may travel more than a heart, but it never goes as far » Chinese saying


    You'll make sure you stick to a good lifestyle so that you avoid little aches and pains.

    Your color

    Aquatic blue colored smoky eyes will suit you down to a T!

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