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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 3rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    There are going to several rapid fire ups and downs. Under the obstacles of the Venus-Mars square, you won't manage to handle everything. In your couple, it'll be bedlam! Your biggest fear will be to see your couple deteriorate slowly. All the elements are present to make your nightmare, a reality...


    Buddy Singleton, in terms of your emotional life, you won't be ashamed to use your seduction power and then taking off without saying anything. Venus will be extremely sly, you won't manage to clarify your feelings. In any case, you won't manage to be natural with a fling...Pity!

    Sexy tip

    Wear ultra-sexy and sensual lingerie... He can look, but he cannot touch! Pull out all the stops to turn him on like never before.


    You'll have a hard time admitting that your partner's salary is much higher than yours. You won't take this well, as a subordinate, the fact that you share your life with someone who has a management position. Wake up...It's the 21st century!

    Your finances

    You'll wrongly think you're invulnerable! Under the Venusian opposition, your lifestyle will be worthy of a king. Instead of using your money to launch projects, left and right. You'll think of yourself...and only of yourself!

    Your lucky number




    Today, your friends will realize that they can ask you anything except for help. Indeed, they'll be right! This is the worst...


    You won't have the family spirit and therefore it'll lead to possible misunderstandings. This day will bring along its disappointments; you'll show your irritation...

    Your saying

    « A woman has two things: smooth hands and a big heart » Georges Courteline


    Hypochondriac! This word might seem inappropriate when it comes to you. Though, you'll be close!

    Your color

    Opt for scarlet red shoes, bags or belts... Enough to spice up any outfit!

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