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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- October 18th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Given the capriciousness of the Sun's influence, you partner might criticize you for being somewhat tactless, which will put you in an a bit of an off mood toward them. To fix all that, you're going to need to do what you can to communicate clearly with your partner in order to get back into a dynamic that will make them forget about your mistake!


    You may well turn off anyone you meet -- they can read your romantic history on your face. Try not to let yourself go down any pipe dreams. Protect yourself from getting into relationships that are doomed to fail and that will only bring your confusion and disappointment.

    Sexy tip

    Fireworks cannot be expected on every single night! You're looking for affection rather than amazing sex today.


    You're not thinking clearly, and this could lead to a lack of control over your projects, as well as a lack of rigor generally. Your colleagues won't hesitate to make you aware of this!

    Your finances

    When it comes to you, you'll disprove the saying that Virgos are good savers and full of foresight. Indeed, today, a penny earned will be a penny spent. You'll be the spendthrift of the Zodiac.

    Your lucky number




    An unexpected visit might upset your tranquil mood. Still, your Good Samaritan side will know just how to make things work out.


    Your oratorical gifts won't be much help when confronting your family today. Everyone is too focused on themselves!

    Your saying

    "The wise man changes his mind while the idiot doesn't." Spanish proverb


    Certain parts of your life are toxic, and they'll prevent you from taking advantage of what's good in your life.

    Your color

    For a sensual and springlike look, go for wisteria purple!

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