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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 10th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Neptune in opposition to your sign might lead to a sense of dissatisfaction with one another because you'll have a hard time understanding each other. Disagreements and criticisms: that's what you have to look forward to. You might seek refuge in isolation or your work, but that won't fix anything. Try for rapprochement instead, it'll pay off much better.


    You're inflexible, and you tend to impose certain codes of conduct on this love interest. They'll send you packing, not because your schedules are hard to match up right now, but because they can't stand your moralizing. You'll try to patch things up, but they'll keep their distance.

    Sexy tip

    Take control but make him feel like he's the one in charge. Get out of your comfort zone, have sex in unusual places to spice things up.


    Today will be a very busy one; the meetings and projects will come in at a rapid pace. The decisions of superiors and the functioning of the teams will be incoherent, and this will result in even more work for you.

    Your finances

    After probably a few calls to order, your financial situation will require particular attention. You need to organize yourself better in this area and realize that you need to change your attitude toward money.

    Your lucky number




    You'll get the best of your friendships by offering the best of yourself in exchange. Your interactions will be mutually enriching.


    Don't talk about your romantic relationships with your family members. Everyone will have their opinion, and you'll get a deluge of advice from them, which will only confuse your emotions.

    Your saying

    "A slip of the tongue does more damage than a trip of the foot." African proverb


    You don't feel good unless you're busy, very busy even. You risk ending the day in a state of agitation.

    Your color

    Dark and deep, charcoal-gray is the perfect mix between and elegant gray and a plain black.

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