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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- June 17th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Buddy Virgo, you don't like refusals. Today, your partner is going to describe you as someone high maintenance! In your couple, you're going to champ at the bit impatiently and buck. This could lead to a serious domestic quarrel. All this drama because your partner doesn't want to make love at your convenience.


    Inviting someone out you like to a restaurant is good. Giving a nice present is even better! Complimenting the other is great...All of this would be too perfect. Pluto will put in his two cents and ruin the party. Indeed, you'll make your date understand that all these beautiful things have a price...

    Sexy tip

    Tonight could be a lot more glamorous than anticipated. You feel totally ready for it. You love foreplay, but not when it lasts the whole night!


    One needs to respect a certain code in professional life, especially when you rub shoulders with people who have been there since ten, twenty or even thirty years. Buddy Virgo, a colleague will call you to explain this. It could defuse the tension.

    Your finances

    Today, under the overflowing and malicious control of Pluto, you'll act as if you were still living with your parents, when you were still a kid. Those days, you didn't consider the costs of your whims. Now, yes!

    Your lucky number




    When your friends call you, you come running at once. Today, you'll realize that the opposite isn't true! You'll cool your heels...


    You'll hear about two divorces on the same day from your family. You'll be shocked. You won't forget the Mercury-Pluto opposition!

    Your saying

    « A golden cage doesn't feed the bird » Italian saying


    Due to opposition from Mercury, your sleep will be disturbed due to several nightmares. Enough to make you shiver...

    Your color

    Natural and appeasing, the soft and shiny brown of Judean pitch on your eyes matches your beige outfit.

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