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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 31st, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The more you're with your partner, the better you feel. You want to express your feelings for them, but also to pursue certain projects together. Why not even renew your vows in the presence of loved ones. You feel, rightly, that your relationship is solid and that it brings you the sense of security you so dearly love.


    You've had enough of meeting people who don't suit you or don't deserve you. You're promising yourself to aim high, and you're sticking to it. You may not have to wait long to get results, because you're giving off great energy. You might encounter someone who won't leave you indifferent.

    Sexy tip

    Inventive, you're second to none when it comes to spicing up a night! What's your latest idea now? Write down sexual positions on post-it notes scattered around the house. Let's see which one your partner finds first!


    Friendship, communication, and business are all tied up today. It may be a good idea to talk about certain projects with your friends or other contacts who may be able to help you. Don't be shy about asking for assistance; it'll save you time and open doors.

    Your finances

    The clouds have lifted and you're able to be realistic again. You feel like you have the soul of an entrepreneur, and you're moving ahead. You won't hesitate to get in touch with financial partners or advisers to talk to them about what's on your mind.

    Your lucky number




    Your circle of friends will be a big asset today. They want to help you, both in your personal life and your professional one. All you have to do is ask them or listen to them.


    The atmosphere among your family is pleasant, but you need to impose yourself. You should express your point of view authoritatively.

    Your saying

    « Before stopping for a break, you must climb up the hill » Guan Yi Pou Sa Ling Ji


    You're radiant, in a good mood, and full of energy. Take advantage of the good vibes today.

    Your color

    Subtler than mallard blue, larch green will give you a fresh and classy look. Perfect for your eyes!

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