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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 24th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You feel the need to secure and reinforce your gains. No sooner said than done; you'll take some time to consider what could strengthen the ties between you and your partner. It'll be a good idea to discuss with them, but this kind of thing isn't done alone. Your conversation will move them to express certain interesting ideas.


    You're pinpointing much more realistically what you want out of your love life. You should talk openly with certain of your friends about it. Some of them might have an idea in the back of their minds, such as introducing you to someone they think you'd get along well with. You've got nothing to lose, and the stars invite you to accept.

    Sexy tip

    You won't find it easy to fulfill all of your many desires... Sex toys will spice your intimate exchanges up!


    You'll score the most points by listening to your instinct and intuition today. Forget your reason and your principles, and trust the little voice inside your head, especially if you're trying to make more money or get a promotion.

    Your finances

    Your finances will be one of your strong suits this Thursday. You'll take the time to analyze the situation and, above all, to act. You won't hesitate to approach your superiors to ask for a raise or to work more in order to make more.

    Your lucky number




    Your friendships are doing well. But avoid money matters with your friends, or spending money on them. Some of them may take advantage of you, and it would cost you a lot.


    Communication is returning to your family, and calm with it. Everyone is ready to listen and try to understand everyone else, which makes you overjoyed.

    Your saying

    « A man is nothing other than the succession of his actions » Friedrich Hegel


    Your energy is giving you tenacity, but you're not listening to your body, which needs a break. So give it a rest.

    Your color

    Soothing and helping you meditate, opaline greet will make you look like someone who feels good in your own skin.

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