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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 18th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is going fairly well, but you'd like it to be even better. To this end, you're doing a little too much, and you'll end up no longer being yourself. You don't realize that your partner loves you for who you are, with all your good and bad points. They'd also love it if you did a little less, and if you let yourself just be, rather than appear to be perfect.


    No encounter is simply the result of chance; everyone you meet brings you something. That said, you'd like to meet that special someone as soon as possible, and in your rush you might pass by some interesting people who would have a positive impact on your personal development. So try accepting some of these people who come into your life, even if you know that the love of your life isn't among them.

    Sexy tip

    Close the curtains, turn your phone off, moisturize your skin... Ask him to rub your body from head to toe with a feather... And let it drive you crazy...


    You might get an absolutely genius idea today. But we're talking about a long-term project, about wanting to turn a corner. You know that your idea would bring you much satisfaction, so pursue it. Don't be afraid to venture off into the unknown.

    Your finances

    There's no sense in getting upset or anxious over your finances. Even if you notice a breakdown, you'll have everything you need in hand to bring the situation under control. Shift into action - it'll be the best way to calm yourself down.

    Your lucky number




    You feel like sharing your ideas, your hopes and dreams, with your friends. They'll be there for you, ready to lend an ear.


    If you want to have a good time with your family, you need to listen to them. They want to change up the program and do something out of the ordinary. Doing what they want will make everyone happy.

    Your saying

    « A single desire is enough to populate a whole world » Alphonse de Lamartine


    You're relatively nervous. You have the impression that you can't control anything, which is upsetting to you. Adapt yourself to others, and listen to them.

    Your color

    An old classic, royal green cannot fail to remind you about classy military uniforms.

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