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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 5th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You have everything you need at your disposal to have a great day emotionally. But you're stopping yourself because you're afraid of being seen as irresponsible or immature. You forget that your partner would like you to be a little more easygoing - that's how they like you the most. So try to break down these barriers.


    It'd be a good idea to let yourself follow your true feelings rather than try to control them, especially if you're with a new person. They might get the impression that you feel lukewarm about them, which could cause them to backpedal. Whereas that's not the case; you're just apprehensive about acting how you really feel.

    Sexy tip

    Share your expectations and be ready to listen to your partner's. Don't be afraid to show off your sexy side!


    If you're supposed to wrap up a deal or do some commerce this Saturday, you'll have a certain amount of luck. You'll be able to express your point of view easily and to clarify what needs to be. Speak frankly, but be diplomatic.

    Your finances

    You're at risk of being a little disconnected from the reality of your finances today - or rather, of spending money with no regard to the balance in your accounts, especially if it's a question of having fun with your friends or family. Luckily, Jupiter is there to watch over your money.

    Your lucky number




    Some of your friends may disagree with you, especially if you talk to them about your love life. Unless you find them annoying. Put things in perspective!


    Nothing's too much if it's for your family, for their happiness and well-being. You'll do everything in your power to satisfy them as best you can.

    Your saying

    « Exploring your mind is similar to digging a well. Water is pretty cloudy at first, before becoming a lot clearer » Chinese saying


    Those close to you are showing you how much they love you, and that's filling you up with energy. Your vitality is intense, and you need to get some exercise.

    Your color

    Red nails are always the guarantee of a classy look.

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