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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It's in your best interest to trust your partner to organize the plans for the evening and to let just let yourself have a good time together. Let go of the reins for once and let them take control of operations. They know that you're pretty busy these days, and all they want is for you to feel good when you're with them.


    At the end of the day you'll probably be feeling like you need a change of scenery (and a change of cast as well). The stars would advise you to listen to your heart rather than your head, which is inviting you to stay at home. Why? Because - great loves aside - you might meet some people who are all sorts of interesting. Go out!

    Sexy tip

    Try not to rush to the shower just after... Not very glamorous! Give him a cuddle first! Please don't be too abrupt with your lover...


    There will probably be some choices to be made between work and family. Some of your goals may not make your family members happy. They'll ask you to give things a second look because they're afraid of being neglected. Wait a day or two before talking with them.

    Your finances

    If you need to clear up certain money matters in your family, this Wednesday might be a good day to do so. You'll hit on the right words and arguments to explain a situation, straighten things out, or demand your due.

    Your lucky number




    Your circle of friends will bring you the calm you need. Don't count on them to find an answer to your questions, but they'll be there to help you forget about your daily problems.


    The mood with your loved ones might be a little tense throughout the second half of the day. They're not always in agreement with you, and they're not about to change their minds.

    Your saying

    « Discretion is the only virtue of which excess isn't a bad thing » Marcel Jouhandeau


    You have a lot of energy, but it's not well-managed. You get upset easily, and your partner or friends will help you relax.

    Your color

    Yellowish-green is THE color of the springtime. Is there anything nicer than a yellow with hints of green?

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