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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- April 17th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The planets support your relationship, even if you're slightly more stressed than usual. You should manage to keep your mood swings under control in front of your partner, don't worry! The beautiful Moon/Jupiter trine puts you in a fantastic mood. Making the most of what life has to offer with you significant other will be your priority on this beautiful spring weekend!


    Under the excellent solar transits of the day, you will be more charming and confident than usual. The planets try their best to help you find love, so don't let them down! Overcome your usual fears. Jupiter fills you with self-belief, even if Mars could cause you to be too impulsive for your own good. The Moon/Sun sextile should help you control your emotions, don't worry!

    Sexy tip

    Break your routine! Vary the pace of the sexual act as often as possible! Your partner will try their best to please you.


    Don't let success go to your head in the workplace. Under the trine from Jupiter to the Moon/Mars conjunction, you could become far too arrogant today. Stop trying so hard to attract attention! Nobody likes a showoff, remember...

    Your finances

    Be careful not to make important decisions affecting your finances on a whim. Beware of the Moon/Mars conjunction square Neptune making you a lot more impulsive than usual... You're normally so rational in this domain! Don't take unnecessary risks as far as money is concerned.

    Your lucky number




    Jupiter puts you in a good mood, and its sextile with Mercury encourages you to see your friends. Have fun, but avoid making a show of yourself in public!


    You will treat your entire family to a delicious lunch. You're such a good cook... And an even better host! There's nothing you love more than inviting people over to your place.

    Your saying

    « A happy life is impossible without wisdom, honesty and justice. Three values that are impossible without a happy life » Epicurus


    You're a real social butterfly! Simply try to avoid making too many impulsive decisions today, okay?

    Your color

    Plum and smoky eyes will make you look like a sexy cabaret dancer.

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