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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 25th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're very introverted today. You find it hard to show your emotions! Something your partner could criticize you for... Open up your heart, my Taurus friend! Show how fun and spontaneous you can be. Find a way to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Break your routine! Why don't you treat your other half to a romantic candlelit dinner tonight?


    You like being single. You're perfectly happy alone! You're not really interested in a serious relationship right now. However, don't be afraid to flirt with complete strangers! Let your hair down and have a bit of fun. Anything is possible with Uranus in your sign! You often dream about your perfect partner... Keep your eyes peeled, he or she could be closer than you think!

    Sexy tip

    You're not stupid, you know how important sex has become in your life! A sweet, romantic and cheeky night is on the cards. Pillow talk after sex will make you so happy!


    You're not loving your job right now! But you're terrified of being unemployed... You find having a stable income incredibly reassuring! Don't even think about handing in your resignation before you've found something else. Look for a better job in your spare time!

    Your finances

    You'd like to buy a property or move to a bigger house! But you can't really afford to make this dream of yours come true just yet. You make a decent living, but you're terrified or running out of cash. You're not brave enough to invest your savings!

    Your lucky number




    Your friends are incredibly important to you. You spend a lot of time with someone you've known since you were a child. He or she understands you better than anybody else!


    You will enjoy spending time with your brothers and/or sisters this Thursday. One of your siblings will truly know how to cheer you up!

    Your saying

    "Every truth isn't worth believing in." Beaumarchais


    You're extremely stressed. Find a way to relax in the evening. Give meditation a try before bedtime!

    Your color

    A beautiful mauve eye-shadow will go well with coral pink clothes.

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