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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- November 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You could cut the atmosphere with a knife in your household. Your partner's unreasonably high expectations are driving a wedge between you and making you feel like you've failed. You're racking your brains for a solution but so far you haven't come up with much. The truth of the matter is that your partner is the one who needs to make the compromises, not you!


    You've been searching high and low for your soulmate but so far you haven't had much luck. Dear Taurus, a certain someone has their eye on you and you are advised to give them a chance today. They may not be your usual type but, if past experiences are anything to go by, that might not be such a bad thing after all!

    Sexy tip

    Spicing up your sex life is something you're able to do, right? Cut your nails and explore your partner's body with the tip of your fingers...


    Your interpersonal skills aren't what they used to be and you may find yourself struggling to progress as a result. You've become far too comfortable with hiding in your colleagues' shadows and your boss barely notices you these days. What's gotten into you?

    Your finances

    Dear Taurus, your finances are all over the place today! You've not been listening to the voice of reason recently and the results are clear to see in your bank account. You've been treating yourself left, right and center so it's no wonder if you've found yourself in the red again.

    Your lucky number




    You'll find an excuse to avoid meeting up with a friend today but they'll get the feeling that you're telling porky pies. Just be honest!


    Tensions are rising in your home life and you may end up coming to blows with your loved ones today. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife...

    Your saying

    "It's better to hop along the right way than walk quickly down the wrong one." Saint-Augustin


    Your energy levels are through the roof and you're one step ahead of the game. Tiredness is not a word you're familiar with.

    Your color

    For a retro pinup, and not a bimbo Barbie, look, wear hints of fuchsia-pink.

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