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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 17th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon/Uranus opposition in your sign makes you a lot more impatient and sensitive than usual! Irritable, you cannot cope with people disagreeing with you! But Venus, the master of your sign, and its beautiful trine with Jupiter protect your relationship. Phew! You're up for pretty much anything with your partner today. A bit contradictory, don't you think?


    You're in the mood to attract attention and hit on complete strangers! It feels good to have fun from time to time, my Taurus friend! With the Venus/Jupiter transit in your sentimental sky, you will be a lot more popular than usual this Saturday. You feel ready to love and be loved! Simply try to keep your mood swings under control...

    Sexy tip

    Don't be selfish, introduce him to your new duck vibrator! Don't hesitate to bring a few sex toys with you under your sheets!


    You remain ambitious, but you're a lot less patient than usual. Doing things too quickly is the best way to make mistakes! Under the negative influence of Uranus, you could start talking to some of your colleagues as if you were their boss... Bad idea!

    Your finances

    You feel so hopeless and frustrated! You're sick of worrying about money. The projects you had in mind had to be postponed or cancelled. Will you ever catch a break? A sale could fall through... And you dream promotion remains nowhere to be seen!

    Your lucky number




    The beautiful aspect of Venus takes good care of your friendships. You're incredibly popular this Saturday. People love how understanding you are...


    Your loved ones could accuse you of lacking common sense! You're stubborn and temperamental... Pull yourself together, you family hates seeing like you this!

    Your saying

    "The aim of a walk doesn't matter, but every single step does." Chinese proverb


    You're very low on motivation and energy, but Venus helps you make it through the day in one piece. Phew!

    Your color

    Incredibly sensual, a crimson-pink dress will not leave anyone indifferent!

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