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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 14th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    A lively day can be expected! You're in the mood to spice up your little routine. You want to be a lot more spontaneous than usual! You could decide to dine out at the last minute tonight... You're not in the mood to cook! And you won't even ask your other half first... You want to brighten up your relationship. Try to give your sex life a boost too!


    You're in the mood to hit on people! You're such a kind and charming individual. Destiny could have a surprise in store for you. Someone from your past comes back into your life! Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Love always comes knocking when you're not ready. Realize how attractive you are. Have fun, but avoid making plans for the future.

    Sexy tip

    Explore unusual parts of each other's bodies! Sex toys will spice your intimate exchanges up.


    You're impressively organized in the workplace. But paying too much attention to detail could end up slowing you down! Don't waste your time on problems only you can see. Focus on meeting your deadlines on time. You don't cooperate enough with your colleagues right now.

    Your finances

    Where have your savings gone? You're spending your cash like it's going out of fashion at the moment. All those little purchases add up! You could literally fall in love with a new kitchen appliance. It's either that, or taking part in your favorite hobbies...

    Your lucky number




    Not all your friends love your strong personality. You could disagree with someone close to you. And you hate it when people stand up to you...


    You want to be left alone! Taking a break away from your family is your biggest wish. Simply say so, but without hurting your loved ones if possible...

    Your saying

    « Don't postpone till tomorrow what you can do today » French saying


    You're full of energy! You don't stop for a second from early in the morning till late at night. Don't expect to get much sleep!

    Your color

    Comforting and modern, amaranthine is a wonderful color for your nails.

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