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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- December 24th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You may take stock of things with your partner. Your sweetheart could blame you for lacking fantasy. There is no sharing between you. To remedy this, all you need to do is find ideas. Call upon your creativity. A romantic evening could do you a lot of good. Go out, give your mundane worries a break.


    There is chemistry with people you met recently. These emotions give you confidence. They comfort your seduction potential. The hope of experiencing passion is back. For the time being, you'll be quite distant, for a long term relationship. However, your peace matters to you. But if you come across a sudden invitation, don't refuse it!

    Sexy tip

    Walk around the house in sexy underwear to turn your partner on. Lingerie never goes unnoticed! Be as glamorous as you can, it will stimulate your sex life.


    You may choose another path, to move forward. One can sense the routine in your work. Tasks are tedious. They don't provide you with knowledge anymore. Changing companies may be the best solution. You begin your search.

    Your finances

    You continue spending money. These are due to various situations. Among these expenses, your car could trigger unusual costs. Savings are welcome. They avoid an imbalance. You need to still be careful.

    Your lucky number




    Communication becomes difficult with your relations. You have fixed ideas. These oppose you to a good friend. Back off a little.


    Pointless discussions with a loved one. This discourages you and you feel bored. Your straightforward nature could be offending, if you express your emotions!

    Your saying

    "Philosophy is nothing other than the love of wisdom." Cicero


    You yearn for relaxation. You're mentally tired. Renew your hobbies to break the routine!

    Your color

    From mauve to violet via wisteria, purple is the trendy color to wear for an innocent look.

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