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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 20th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus will put the stress on your sentimental problems. You will not stop asking yourself whether you're still happy in your current relationship this Friday. Under the influence of Uranus, you will feel like you and your significant other come from two very different planets... Nothing is going right between you two these days!


    The dissonance formed between Venus and Uranus will make it hard for you to find the long-term relationship of your dreams. If you've been dating someone recently, he or she could suddenly decide to cut off all contact with you. Independent by nature, they're struggling to cope with someone as possessive and protective as you... Not your fault you're a Taurus!

    Sexy tip

    Laughter and shared interests are real turn-ons as far as you're concerned! You're happy to share your likes and dislikes in the bedroom with your partner.


    You don't need to get out of first gear to solve problems your colleagues have been scratching their heads at for some time. Your hard work brings success your way... But you always want more! You're constantly trying to set the bar higher for yourself in this domain.

    Your finances

    Jupiter will encourage you to opt for a cautious approach as far as your finances are concerned. Under its influence, you really shouldn't go over budget this Friday... Even better, you will finally manage to save up a bit of money! Wonderful news.

    Your lucky number




    With Mercury in Libra, you will enjoy inviting people over to your place and going out with your friends. Your company will be highly sought after!


    Your priority is to look after your family. You're always there for those who mean the world to you! You provide your loved ones with all the affection they need.

    Your saying

    « A golden cage doesn't feed the bird » Italian saying


    Following a clear routine helps you feel better. You don't really like change, my Taurus friend... You're very happy with your quiet little life!

    Your color

    Chalk white make-up will seriously brighten up your eyes!

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