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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 30th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is so important to you that you're not afraid to lie to your partner, fall out with your family or end up on the wrong side of the law in order to keep it alive. You simply love your other half too much! But enough is enough, my Taurus friend: Jupiter warns you that one more mistake could prove fatal in this domain...


    The Moon/Jupiter conjunction will put you in an incredibly sensual mood today. Sex is the only thing you will be interested in this Sunday. That's why most of your texts will remain unanswered! But you shouldn't struggle to find a friend with benefits to spend the night with, don't worry. ..

    Sexy tip

    Smear chocolate on his favorite part of your body and invite him in! Food and foreplay go really well together, you will see...


    You never tend to look back at the past on the professional front. Your current job isn't the most interesting one you've ever had, but your next one will be, you're sure of it! That's why you're so desperate to move your career forward right now.

    Your finances

    If you are your own boss, you could be tempted to hide a few cash payments away from Mr. Taxman... You know full well what the risks are if you were to get caught, but you're sick of paying so much tax every year!

    Your lucky number




    You will take great pleasure in embarrassing one your friends in public today. That'll teach them for trying to hit on your partner...


    You will feel the sudden urge to find out more about your family history. Some people don't care about knowing who their ancestors are... But not you!

    Your saying

    « Good words of advice reach the heart of a wise man, but only go through the ears of a bad person » Chinese saying


    You will not stop changing your mind today! Expect a lively day full of twists and turns this Sunday, my Taurus friend.

    Your color

    Pale gray nails will make you look like a real city girl!

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