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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 26th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You find your sex life a little repetitive. You're bored of always making love in the exact same position, something you will not be afraid to tell your partner today. The dissonance of Venus will have a negative impact on your relationship. Your other half feels under attack! Don't expect to do anything other than sleep in the bedroom tonight...


    You're not exactly ready to make the effort to find the love of your dreams. The dissonances of the day will make it hard for you to focus on your sentimental life this Wednesday. You're your own worst enemy in this domain, my Taurus friend. Stop treating your flings like they're disposable goods! Acting like a player will not help you find love...

    Sexy tip

    Silky sheets, sexy underwear, scented candles, subdued lights: set the scene for a night to remember!


    Some of your colleagues need your help, but you will refuse to defend them in front of your superiors today. You don't like those people enough to put your neck on the line for them... You know what they say, always look after yourself first!

    Your finances

    You love your new car so much, my Taurus friend! You've been working really hard to be able to afford it. You truly deserve it! You never, ever feel guilty for spending money on yourself. You only live once, and don't you just know it!

    Your lucky number




    You could be described as a lone wolf today! Have you even got any friends left? You're not exactly a people's person at the minute...


    It's important to learn how to say no to your children. They will understand why you couldn't give them everything they asked for in a few years' time...

    Your saying

    « Two feet cannot fit in one shoe » Greek saying


    No matter how tired or worried you are, you will find the strength to deal with unexpected situations arising in every domain of your life this Wednesday...

    Your color

    Sexy and innocent, bright pink is great for your lips if your skin is pale.

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