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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    A bit of a performer by nature, you love a good role-play with your other half! You don't care if he or she finds it cringeworthy, you just love to dress up and pretend you're somebody else. Your imagination knows no bounds, and you should manage to find creative ways to spice up your everyday routine and sex life this Friday. Well done!


    In a wonderfully romantic mood, you will truly enjoy meeting new people today. Don't be surprised if you were to fall in love with pretty much anyone who crosses your path this Friday, my Taurus friend!

    Sexy tip

    Reveal every single inch of your body! Release the beast. Stock up on ginseng and don't forget the importance of foreplay.


    Watch out for colleagues spreading nasty rumors about you behind your back. You could be criticized for lacking composure in the workplace. You have a tendency to lose your cool and argue with people when things don't go your way. Ignore anyone who tries to put you down!

    Your finances

    You could be refused a loan you've recently applied for today. The bank isn't ready to lend you as much money as what you need! Not the most satisfying day you've ever had in this domain...

    Your lucky number




    You can't ignore the fact your family seems upset with you at the minute. What a shame, as spending time with old friends would have done you a world of good.


    You're becoming a parody of yourself, my Taurus friend. Stop going out of your way to look after your loved ones. They're old enough to survive by themselves!

    Your saying

    « It's better to be criticized by one person than be admired by a thousand » Chinese saying


    You eat healthy and go to the gym almost every day, but you don't feel any better for it. What's the point?!

    Your color

    Peacock blue on black or neutral colors will allow you to shine.

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