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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 18th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Some of your sentimental values and beliefs are severely outdated, my Taurus friend. Your partner has had enough of living in the 1960s... Look for ways to spice up your relationship. Try your best to make your lover feel special. Act a good few years younger than you actually are! Your other half will more than make it up to you in the evening...


    The Moon will give your self-confidence a fantastic boost, but you could become slightly arrogant at times as a result. You're not happy with your current sentimental situation. You never seem to meet anyone who ticks your sentimental boxes! Nothing's stopping you from reinventing yourself in this domain...

    Sexy tip

    Swap your old pajamas for sexy and exciting outfits, you will soon notice a difference! Try not to wear old pajamas or ugly hair curlers in front of him!


    Beware of arguments in the workplace... Some of you could even get themselves fired this Tuesday! You've been warned... Be careful not to raise your voice as soon as you disagree with a colleague or superior! Learn how to compromise and meet people halfway.

    Your finances

    You will not find opportunities to give your income a boost today. Disappointment is likely to be on the menu in this domain today! Also, avoid spending any of your savings if you can... Keep that money for when you really need it!

    Your lucky number




    Your computer keeps crashing or has been hacked? Don't worry! Remember that one of your friends is a great informatician...


    You love your dog... But you've had enough of it chewing everything it can get its mouth around at home! Your dream is quickly turning into a nightmare...

    Your saying

    « As good as your eyes are, you cannot see behind your back » Chinese saying


    The dissonance of Mars will seriously affect your energy levels today. You will, as a result, find it really hard to concentrate on your tasks!

    Your color

    A heliotrope purple dress will give you a romantic look this year!

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