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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 17th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    In a cuddly and sensual mood, you will try everything in your power to remind your other half how good spending time in the bedroom together can be! Your attempts to spice up your sex life will leave your significant other speechless... But in a good way! You two haven't loved each other that much for a long time... Life is better when you stop asking yourself questions!


    You could start developing feelings for a friend with benefits. You like them a lot more than simply from a physical point of view. You didn't think that you and that person would become so close when you first started having a bit of fun together. You two literally cannot wait to see each other again! A beautiful love story could be on the menu, my Taurus friend.

    Sexy tip

    Drive your partner to share the most secret of his fantasies with you! You can get away with a lot as long as you keep pretending they're fantasies...


    An exhausting day is in the cards in this domain. Unexpected delays and setbacks will make it incredibly hard for you to meet your deadlines in the workplace. You're so sick of being let down by those unreliable colleagues of yours!

    Your finances

    Stop burying your head in the sand as far as your finances are concerned. Why are you so convinced that you're going to get a raise soon? Never spend money you haven't earned yet. Check your bank balance before you buy anything big this Friday.

    Your lucky number




    You will meet plenty of new faces today. Be careful not to let malicious individuals take advantage of you this Friday...


    Get off your high horse and let your family have a bit of fun, for a change! Everyone is bored of following your rules, my Taurus friend...

    Your saying

    « Victory on one self is the biggest victory there is » Plato


    You're stressed and overworked. Stretch your legs and empty your mind if you can today. You will feel much better for it, trust us.

    Your color

    An imperial yellow dress is the fashionable item of clothing to have.

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