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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 31st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today, you won't be able to control your nerves. You might offend your partner several times. Buddy Taurus, you'll need to cover yourself. Indeed, the atmosphere at home is going to be chilly: storm and lightening could be on the way! Jupiter will master the atmosphere...


    The Jupitarian star won't be willing to make you come across love. Due to its nasty character, things will be hazy. So you'll feel like withdrawing in a protective bubble, alone. You won't go out, or not much and will remain skeptical with your emotional future. You'll use your charm another day.

    Sexy tip

    You want to have the final word tonight, you're the one in charge and that's the way it is. You show how wild and passionate you can be when left alone with your partner...


    In your professional activity, you'll lack goals as high as your abilities. In any case, you'll be too individualistic. Moreover, to make matters worse, you'll be utopian. You'll think the Moon is made of cheese...

    Your finances

    With Jupiter in your sign, who'll seem extremely cunning, your savings will be very low. Buddy Taurus, it'll be a major brain teaser to find the solution, which will help you re-build your financial reserves.

    Your lucky number




    By dint of fibbing, nobody will trust anything you say today! Buddy Taurus, you'll pass off for a out-and-out liar...


    Jupiter won't go in for half measures with your family. Smiles will be on the surface. Hypocrisy will replace sincerity.

    Your saying

    "He who cannot dance thinks the floor is uneven." Hindu proverb


    You'll be jazzed up! You'll use this to achieve promising things but also to fool around...

    Your color

    For beautifully intense eyes, dark and bronzed skins are advised to wear lapis lazuli-colored eye shadow.

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