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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 19th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    No more excuses, the Venus/Mars duo will force you to face the truth and stop avoiding talking about the things you're unhappy with today. Settled in a fire sign, those two planets will urge you to break your routine if you want your relationship to last the distance! The sky will give you the strength to put your idea into practice this Saturday...


    You tell everyone willing to listen to you that you can't wait to settle down in a long-term relationship, but you cannot stop thinking about an ex of yours... The message coming from Pluto couldn't be clearer: you will never be able to find love until you finally forget once and for all about this previous heartbreak of yours!

    Sexy tip

    Jump on him, rip his clothes off, scratch him, bite him, be wild! Your libido is all over the place! Fulfill your desires...


    An unexpected event you hadn't prepared for could catch you by surprise today... You can be too lazy or laid-back for your own good at times in this domain! Unsettled at first, you should quickly manage to turn the situation to your advantage, don't worry.

    Your finances

    The initiatives you have been taking over the past few weeks are beginning to pay off. The planets will help you solve various administrative issues today. Write as many letters or emails as you need to this Saturday! You should manage to move your situation in the right direction.

    Your lucky number




    Stop trying to impress people you don't even like! Talk to your real friends instead, they should know how to help you get rid of your doubts and forget about your problems...


    Your family life is stress and drama-free at the minute. But you need to get some fresh air! You cannot be stuck at home with the same people 24/7...

    Your saying

    "The future is what goes beyond the outstretched hand." Louis Aragon


    Protect yourself against seasonal bugs and viruses... You don't want to spend the weekend in bed with a temperature, do you?

    Your color

    A pure snow white will give you an angelic look, ideal to hid your slightly cheeky personality.

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