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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It's about time you and your partner became more organized... Don't wait until Monday morning to decide who's going to take the kids to school, do the grocery shopping or clean the house next week. Take a look at your respective rotas and decide who's doing what with a couple of days to spare. Just because you work different shifts doesn't mean that your everyday life has to be chaotic!


    Listen carefully to what that person you have a crush on is trying to tell you. At no point are they implying that a relationship between you two is possible! They're only replying to your messages out of politeness... And they're making it as clear as they can that they're not interested in you in that way! Stop lying to yourself, my Taurus friend.

    Sexy tip

    Don't hesitate to compliment his... man parts, he will try even harder! Don't be afraid to admit how much you love having sex with your partner.


    Don't be afraid to ask yourself where you could improve and if you're happy with the direction your career is heading in. You're sick of dealing with the same problems time and time again in the workplace. It's time to clear the air in this domain!

    Your finances

    You will make decisions that could be described as drastic by a lot of people. But you have a very clear objective in mind.... You don't mind stopping spending money on yourself altogether as long it as allows you to reach your financial goals.

    Your lucky number




    With Mercury in Sagittarius, you will feel a lot more comfortable going out with a big group of people than with just one or two friends today...


    It's taken slightly longer than usual, but everyone in your family will finally overcome their differences and focus on having a good time all together this Saturday!

    Your saying

    "Life without happiness is like a lamp without oil." Walter Scott


    A change of scenery would do you a world of good, my Taurus friend. You're mentally and physically exhausted at the minute!

    Your color

    A raspberry red top will brighten up your gray outfits and make you look healthy!

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