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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- December 10th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The planet of love brightens up your life and you're in the mood to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day with your other half today. You will not be afraid to take initiatives designed to break your routine this Monday. You will bring your partner to a museum or art gallery this evening. Doing something a bit different will do your relationship a world of good!


    You will attract plenty of attention from people who aren't exactly your type today... But an unexpected encounter somewhere out of the ordinary should brighten up your Monday! You will find it pretty easy to trust that stranger. You're looking for something serious rather than a one-night stand, and you're pretty certain that they're in exactly the same mindset!

    Sexy tip

    There's no need for new batteries, simply give your partner a minute or two to rest. Just like a predator, move slowly towards your prey and jump on him when he least expects it!


    You could be asked to attend yet another training course before starting in your new job. You may be forced to dust off your team-working skills, my Taurus friend! Change may be scary, but it's also incredibly exciting, right?

    Your finances

    You will have to stick to your budget as if your life depended on it this Monday! Avoid spending money on your hobbies or anything that you don't need to buy. You're seriously advised to keep your spending impulses under control today...

    Your lucky number




    You would like to find the time to see a friend who needs your help and support today. Your social life is very stable and reassuring at the minute.


    You will enjoy taking part in an interesting hobby with one of your parents or grandparents today. It's always great to take someone you love so much out of their comfort zone!

    Your saying

    "Every genius has a touch of madness." Aristotle


    A good workout will help you relax towards the end of the day. You will be in a fantastic mood this Monday.

    Your color

    A pastel color, azure blue gives your eye an innocent and romantic look.

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